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A blessing & a curse

It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply. Sure it is a blessing, to experience things intensely, to notice how today the sun shined just a little brighter than yesterday, making the room slightly warmer, to notice not only how the sweetness of sugar complemented the salted butter on my toast this morning, but also how the grainy texture made a great companion to the creamy spread. It's like having more reasons to smile.
Sure it is a blessing, to be able to notice how some people would slowly blink and look down after a good laugh, probably trying to mask the sadness within, to notice how some would look at particular people a little longer than usual, because those are the ones they truly care for. It's to notice how some should not have said the things they just did because I could see how bitter the smile given in response, to notice how the one with the loudest voice, is actually trying to hide the nervousness because at the end of the sentence, …

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